Flying from Thunder Bay

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I’ll cut right to the chase. This was easily the best fly in fishing trip I’ve ever been on, bar none. The size and beauty of the lake, the quality of the fishing, the accommodations, the boats and motors, the ease of getting there, all combined to make it as good as it gets. North Caribou is located in far northwestern Ontario. It’s a sprawling island studded gem over 81,000 acres in size. It’s difficult to fathom an 81,000 acre lake unless you actually experience it, but speaking as someone who loves big water it’s literally breathtaking. The amount of fishable water is endless with countless bays, inflowing creeks and rivers, islands, points, saddles and neck downs. The package is inclusive from Thunder Bay and includes a free nights stay at the Valhalla Inn the night before you fly into camp. It was a thoroughly civilized process that we enjoyed immensely.
Mike Borger - 2014
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Remember, Rest, Relaxation & a Rejuvenated Soul
are the results of a great fishing vacation!
The Best Lake in Ontario (ask our guests)
81,000 Acres of Trophy Northern and Trophy Walleye Fishing
Fly-In Wilderness Beauty with a Rustic, Sand Beach Island Setting
Small or Large Groups
Meals an Option
Camp Manager on Site
Fully Modern Accommodations

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