The HUGE 81,000 +/- acre lake (15 x 25 miles) is a biological bastion for big fish. Whether it is 40" plus Northern or Walleye approaching 10lbs., the action is nothing short of awesome. Dotted with countless islands, reefs, bars, weedy bays, inlets and outlets; there is simply no end to the structure for fishing. Mother Nature's scenic beauty provides the home videoist with an awe inspiring backdrop to a wilderness fishing adventure of a life time.

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Tackle Suggestions

Northern Pike Lures
Medium to Large

Spoons - Johnson Silver Minnow, Northland's Forage Spoon, Dardevle, Doctor, Little Cleo
Spinners - Mepps Musky Killer, Buzz Baits (White Tail)
Crank Baits - Rapala (Shad Rap Series), Husky Jerk
Rattle Baits - Rattle Trap, Rattlin' Rap, etc.
Jerk Baits - Suick, Musky Baits in General
Top Water - Zara Spook, Poes Giant Jackpot & Awaker
Flies - Large Streamers
Colours - Gold, Silver, Hot Orange, Yellow & Red Mixes

Walleye Lures
Light to Medium Rods with Matched Reels

Jigs - 1/8 to 3/8' tipped with Berkly Power Baits and the new "Gulp" **Double Tailed Twisters (1st Choice White, 2nd choice Yellow)
Spinners - Mepps, Panther Martin, Rooster Tail, etc. with Squirrel Tail, Marabou, Feathers or Imitation Minnow Trailers
Crank Baits - Shad Rap Series, Tail Dancer, Hot-n-Tot
Rattle Baits - Rattle Trap, Rattlin' Rap, etc.
Spoons - Northland's Forage Spoon, Little Cleo, etc.
Flies - Streamers and Other Wet Fly Presentations, including Nymph (Dr. Juice helps) in tight school situations around creek and river mouths or in shallow bays with mayfly hatch in progrerss

Rob's Tips On Handling Fish


Respect must be given to all aspects of this Pristine Wilderness Experience

A trophy Northern 40" - 50" in length has survived the harsh hazardous Arctic Watershed environment for 15 to 25 years. It is a privilege to be allowed to encounter and battle these dinosaurs of the North. Therefore, I urge you to handle these fish as follows:

  1. Bend your barbs down or replace with barbless. Also, replace treble with single hooks. You will rarely lose a fish if you maintain steady pressure with the rod tip up. No surgical skills are needed to remove hooks from an already stressed out fish (or in some cases the fisherman).
  2. If you desire a picture or measurements prepare before the fish is removed from the water. If the fish is netted, keep it and the net in the water until you are ready. Then quickly slide your fingers carefully up the gill plate (not in the gills). Pinch firmly between thumb and fingers and lift head while supporting the body of the fish with your free hand. Quickly take a picture or two and measurements of the length and girth if you plan on having a replica made. We are talking 10 to 15 seconds tops then gently return it to the water and hold it upright until it strength returns. NEVER, NEVER weigh the fish. This is harsh and unnecessary torture. The only exception is with a cradle where both the fish and cradle can be weighed so as not to damage the fish. (We do not supply cradles)

Whatever type of fish you catch, this type of respect needs to be shown.
Using patience and understanding I am sure this will be the best wilderness vacation you have ever experienced.

The Ministry of Natural Resources introduced its new automated licensing system late in 2011. This new system will facilitate the sale of fishing and hunting licence's at licence issuers, over the Internet and through a toll-free telephone application. You can also get more information on the Outdoors Card by calling the Outdoors Card Centre at 800.387.7011. This toll-free number works from all of North America, from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).
North Caribou Camps wants you to purchase your fishing licence prior to your trip north. Because of our remote locations it proves difficult for us to access the internet or telephone system. To purchase your Ontario Outdoors Card and fishing license click
HERE or phone 800.387.7011.